Pediatric Orthodontist in Las Cruces

Orthodontics 88011

Orthodontics 88011

Conventional wisdom used to reserve orthodontic treatment until adolescence, but at Las Cruces Orthodontics, we see no reason not to give your child and you a much-needed head start on straight, properly-spaced teeth and a normal bite. Our orthodontics in 88011 can get your child started much earlier, as young as 5 to 7 years old, by identifying and addressing clear signs of tooth and jaw alignment problems. Our pediatric orthodontist can actively guide the development of your child’s teeth and jaws. This is often called interceptive orthodontics and it has various advantages, including making it very likely that your child will need less complex and extensive treatment in his or her teen years. In some instances, further orthodontic treatment might be avoided entirely. And as a side benefit, it is typically more cost-effective to handle these issues in their early stages.

If you or your pediatric dentist are noticing tooth crowding, concerns about your child’s bite, too much space between teeth, protruding teeth, or improper jaw growth, these are not likely to just go away. In fact, they tend to grow worse over time. Our orthodontics in 88011 can make room in your child’s mouth for the teeth that have yet to erupt, helping to avoid not only additional treatment, but unnecessary pain for your child.

Here are some signs that you should be aware of: are your child’s teeth coming in crooked? Is she or he breathing through the mouth, sucking fingers or thumbs? Other indications are crowding of teeth, misplaced teeth, early loss of baby teeth or ones that stay in too long, teeth that are blocked out, jaws and teeth out of proportion with the rest of the face, shifting jaws, and sounds made when the jaw moves. If your child experiences any of the above, call us and schedule a consultation in which our pediatric orthodontist will do a thorough examination and determine if your child could benefit from interceptive orthodontics. Braces for kids might seem difficult, but aside from the treatment being easier at an early age, you also avoid the social awkwardness that is often associated with braces in the teen years. On every level, there is good reason to believe that taking advantage of our orthodontics in 88011 now is the best strategy for your child and for you.

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