Everyone at the office is professional and friendly. They helped me understand my treatment and how to achieve success with it. I had no idea that my teeth could look this amazing, and I am very grateful to Dr. Coombs and his team.

Kyleigh Pelton

The staff is truely amazing! I always enjoyed the appointments and now i have a great smile and a lot of memories

Krista Green

A good experience from start to finish. The people at Coombs are all very friendly sand knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!

Tim Metcalf

I was a patient at Coombs Orthodontist last year and i love their practice! Their staff is so nice and the office is very clean. I never had to wait for my appointments, and they worked with my busy schedule. They were always there if i had an issue with my braces! Thank you for giving me a nicer smile:)

Teresa Wallace

They did a great job! Very friendly staff, cool gifts and plenty of supplies to keep your teeth in great condition while wearing the braces!

Cynthia Grosshuesch

Excellent care. Well worth having braces. Would recommend Dr Coombs to anyone needing braces. Friendly staff.

Dawn Talbott

I think this is a great Orthodontist practice! My children loved coming here since day one! The staff are very friendly and helpful when it comes to answering questions and listening.

Victoria Pryor

My son is 13, he has breaces Dr.Coombs is a great at his job he addresses all 
Travons needs concerning his teeth. Jace is the one to take care when we have office visits she is awesome! Everyone in this office is great overall this has been a pleasant.

Kim Stevens

I just finished 2 years of treatment with Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics and my smile is amazing!!! I didnt used to smile vety much before because i didnt like my teeth, now its hard to get me to stop!!

Hayley Henrikson

Coombs is the best! I am thankful for all their hard work and great care. Love my new smile, thanks coombs! (:

Olivia So

All staff at Dr. Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics are awesome! They always make me comfortable and bonded with them every time I visit for my treatment. I already refer couple of my staff here but I will continuously refer people here. They are not just Orthodontist but friend and family! I’m really satisfied with new pretty teeth and I really appreciate to Dr. Coombs and Dr. Fox.
I guarantee that you will have a great experience with them! Just try their complimentary consultation and you will see how they work on you from that point:)

Sohyun Park

I had a class 3 underbite the first orthodontist I went to said it couldn’t be corrected…. Dr.coombs proved that WRONG !! :))

Alyssa Leier

I am happy that I came here and received great friendly service from all staff members! Thank you for the lovely smile I get to show off!

Thecla Jeanl outs

It’s been a great experience. Thanks for your prompt response to our one broken bracket and the ease of scheduling appointments. I also like that you give the kids the tools to be successful with dental hygiene while they have braces.

Scharla Baker

Cooms orthodonticts is awesome! I love that my teeth are finally looking better!

Codi Stroup

I use to never like smiling now i do!

Chiante Woods

Great staff, great service. I am very happy with my experince at Coombs office. The staff is always friendly and my teeth look great.

Amber Irish

Staff are friendly ! And now im happy with my smile with straight teeth 🙂

Zhi Tai

Loved having braces, now i got straight teeth! Thanks

Kelton Whetstone

21 year old sergeant whose thankful for Dr.Coombs and his team for helping have a beautiful smile.

Wellensdy-van Edouard

Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics team is beyond fabulous and makes you feel right at home. The job done is impeccable and I am highly satisfied with the results. I am constantly referring my friends and intend on continuing sending people over this way!

Gloria So

Amanda is my favorite, Paul is like an annoying “older” brother. Overall Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics has made my experience with braces great!

Nicole McCanna

Both of my daughters are patients at Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics. The staff is very knowledgable and helpful and are always there when they have those “emergencies”. They monitored my younger daughter for quite a while until she was ready to go into ortho. I would recommend Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics to anyone looking for a good orthodontist!

Tammy West

Dr. Coombs and all the staff in their clinic are great. They are all very helpful and they make sure all of your concerns are answered and addressed.

Roberto Pioquinto

taff was so friendly and personable! They made me feel right at home. I am from Nome and did not expect such an expedient process with getting my brace on but, they were able to schedule my appointment the day of my consultation!!! While seen, staff was very attentive and gentle it was a pleasure to have my dentle work done at Coombs!

Joshus Samuels Jr.

Dr. Coombs treated both myself and my daughter. Thanks to him we both have amazing smiles! My daughter used to be scared of going to the dentist, but after going to Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics and experiencing the warm and friendly atmosphere, she no longer fears the dentist. She was excited and proud about having braces, and still loves wearing her Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics T-shirt and backpack to school. Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics made treatment fun. I would highly recommend Dr. Coombs to anyone needing orthodontic work for themselves or their children.

Amanda Townsend

I really appreciate everything. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and all had very good service. Im proud with how my teeth came out looking. Wish you guys luck and many blessings. 
Thank you.

Angelica Veras

I will recommend Coombs to my friends and family.

Kemane Wright

Amazing service, incredibly helpful, always went above and beyond. I loved getting treated here.

Ashley Price

Dr. Coombs and his staff are an amazing crew who provide exuberant service and make you feel right at home since day 1. I am thrilled my ortho servies are being take care of by Coombs and his office.

Gloria So

Dr. Coombs and Dr. Fox made my smile fantasticly beautiful! They and all of their staff treated me as a special patient throughout and never cut corners in giving me the best smile possible. I am going to miss coming here and enjoying all of these fine folks. Thank you!! And thank you for working around my crazy schedule?

Lee Ann Kreig

I really liked this orthodontist!

Blaise Hall

I now have beautiful straight teeth that are going to last my lifetime. You were all very kind and accomodating dealing with my dental phobias. Thank you to Dr Coombs and all of the staff!

Lynn James

I had already had orthodontic treatment when Dr. Coombs opened his office in Anchorage. He has worked with me to correct parts of my treatment that had been left unfinished by my previous orthondontist. He also treated my younger sister from start to finish. She has a PERFECT smile now, I am so jealous. I wish I would have just had my braces done from the beginning with Dr. Coombs! He rocks!

Elizabeth Raines

Well, i came in with and over bite and with fromt teeth over lapping, and they fixed both! Under two years! Which made the experince even better, i couldnt be happier with my teeth (:

Skie Rynerson

Excellent staff and wonderful experience. You are treated like family when you come here. I will only recommend Coombs when it comes to braces.

Serge Duchatellier

Very efficient appointments and i love my straight teeth thanks!

Skyler Hunt

It was a great experience! It was hard for me at first, but I am glad they offered a payment plan. They answer all my questions upfront and in closing. The doctor did not pull or take any of my teeth. In the past I was told teeth would need to be pulled. Thank you for reading my review and have a good day.

Katianna Carson

Its great

Danielle Fernandez

Great job! Awesome service!! Extraordinary staff!!!!

Shawny Blakely

My teeth were a mess! Now, the improvement is amazing! Invisalign was definitely the way to go for me. I liked being able to take out the trays for eating, normal brushing, and dentist deep cleanings. I especially liked that the team was able to remove the attachment bumps for my Wedding. Check out my before and after photos, and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

Rick Small

I was taken care of beautifully. The people there are friendly and inviting. My experience was great! 🙂

Rebecca Anderson

I love it here. My teeth look 150% better. THANK YOU!!!!

Madisen Minich

Amanda is my favorite. Paul is like an annoying older brother! But overall Las Cruces Smiles Orthodontics has made my experience with braces great!

Kaitlynn Konopka

The folks at Coombs are the best. The front office staff are always friendly and helpfull. The staff behind the scenes are great. They explain things so you understand what they are doing. Dr. Coombs is so great with my 14 year old. He makes her so comfortable and expalins what he is doing while he is working on her teeth. 
I would recomend Coombs orthodonics to anyone who needed a great orthodonist.

Julie Pierce

We are amazed and sooo excited with the results!! Dr. Coombs and the ENTIRE staff was ALWAYS friendly and accomodating to our schedule. Our scheduled appts were always on time, which was very appreciated. They were very gentle with my daughter and she went through very little discomfort! Thank you Dr.Coombs for the incredible job you have done! My daughter’s confidence is back!!!!

Natalie White

They’re awesome! They always take good care of my two kids. And they’re gentle to all their patients.

Arlene Patao

My daughter had an upper canine that never came down by age 13. It was completely sideways in her upper gum and were told she may need oral surgery. Thanks to Coombs, and the start of orthodontic care, her upper canine came down the proper way in no time!! Within 60 days of having braces you could see the tip of the tooth starting to protrude through the gum. We were prepared for oral surgery, but did not need it at all. Thank you!

Angel Seafler

Wonderful, friendly staff, very knowledgable orthodentist, and a perfect smile result in less time than expected. Thank you!!!

Mindy Hymas

Like Dr Coombs services. Everyone in his office is very nice, fast, on time and every professional.
Thank you very much!

Anna Saetern